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Some Great Stem Cell Research

Like most things controversial, embryonic stem cell research hogs all the publicity.  Society’s insatiable love for dominance over the weakest and most defenseless (to get embryonic stem cells human life in the embryo stage of maturity must be destroyed) keeps … Continue reading

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Life Most Valuable – Really?

The picture of Jesus sitting with small children around Him is a staple in most churches and Sunday Schools.  What is often overlooked is the context of the passage in which Jesus invites the children to come to Him.  Matthew’s … Continue reading

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BioEdge: Sterilization of disabled should be banned, says Australian report

BioEdge: Sterilization of disabled should be banned, says Australian report. A bit ironic that one story talks about a possible gene therapy to treat Down Syndrome and another article talks about sterilization of the disabled.  The irony is that we … Continue reading

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BioEdge: Down syndrome therapy now possible, says US researcher

BioEdge: Down syndrome therapy now possible, says US researcher. This is, of course, exciting news.  Any discovery that leads to improved health and quality of life is worth some excitement but I must confess to having mixed emotions. Jesus held … Continue reading

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Canada is Looking for Doctors to Kill Patients

Canada is considering legalizing doctor-assisted suicide for the terminally ill (source).  There are many reasons why this is bad public policy.  There are even more obvious reasons why such a practice does not fit with the will of God as … Continue reading

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Lowest Denominator

Contentious issues prompt people to use all sorts of tools to make their case.  I have found that in a world of instant information and competition to be noticed any side of a debate is easily characterized by its lowest … Continue reading

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Synthetic Biology Camp at Wisconsin Lutheran College for Grades 10-12

I know – what is “synthetic biology?”  According to Wikipedia: Synthetic biology is the design and construction of biological devices and systems for useful purposes.[1] It is an area of biological research and technology that combines biology and engineering, thus … Continue reading

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Surprising Shoplifter Demographic in Japan

Japan Today reported that the those 65 years of age and older have now beat out teenagers as shoplifters.  They are often described as lonely, without family, without employment and hungry. Japan legalized abortion in 1948 by means of the … Continue reading

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When is Consent not Consent?

Ernest and Julio Gallo used to make commercials to promote their wine.  Each commercial ended with the tagline, “We will serve no wine before its time!”  I think of that commercial every time I hear about or am asked about … Continue reading

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Religion and Abortion Wars

It has been no secret that Christianity is losing or has lost credibility in society.  In frustration well-intentioned Christians have sometimes been pressing for acceptance, acknowledgment or even endorsement of religious views.  I guess it is payback time. The debate … Continue reading

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