Honoring Leaders who Favor Abortion Rights

January 22, 2014 will mark another sad milestone in legalized abortion in our country.  Since that fateful day in 1973, abortion has been legal throughout all 9 months of a pregnancy.  Its advocates originally argued that what was developing in the womb was a mere blob of tissue or a parasitical growth within the woman.  Since it was legalized there have been more than 56 million abortions performed in the United States.

Today abortion-rights advocates have fessed up.  In abortion a life is lost!  Those are not my words but the words of a growing chorus of abortion-rights supporters.  We now witness the candid acknowledgement of what any child who sees pictures of life in the womb already knew – that is a baby.  It is argued now that abortion is a “sad but necessary evil” in order to protect a woman’s right to control what happens in and to her body.

There is absolutely a slippery slope to abortion rights that has endangered many lives.  At another time I will go into greater detail on that matter.  Instead, I want to consider this issue from the commands we have to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves while also honoring those who are in authority.

I am a Christian – more than that – I am a Christian that accepts the Bible as God’s Word.  It does not just “contain” God’s Word, which would presumably allow me to pick and choose what I like to follow and reject what I don’t like.  In actuality, however, the Bible is, in its entirety, God’s Word and will for my life.  And in that word He commands me to protect life, avoid sin and honor those who govern over us.

Therein lies the challenge.  Scripture instructs us that life exists at conception (Psalm 51:5) and that we are not to terminate life.  Yet, in our society, we have governing leaders who accept and favor a woman’s right to kill her unborn child.

Over the weekend one of the many blogs I subscribe to posted a 21-year-old sermon on this topic.  It is entitled, “How do pro-life Christians obey God’s command to honor a president when he supports the right to kill the unborn?”  It is remarkably apolitical.  It was written and delivered by Pastor John Piper, a Baptist preacher and author in Minneapolis, MN.  I felt his perspective was a valuable enough to share.  Check it out at: [click here]

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