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The U.S. and the “Abortion Olympics”

Sometimes other say it very well without additional commentary.  Check out Chuck Donovan’s article on “Winning the Abortion Olympics.”

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The Right of Refusal – on Principle or for Purpose

If I were heading up the marketing campaign for gay rights I suspect I would begin to feel pretty invincible these days.  The movement to treat same sex relationships as just “another normal” has been nothing less than remarkable. In … Continue reading

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Some Clarity on my Thrivent Statement

A friend wrote that he felt my comments about Thrivent had cast the WELS in a negative light.  That was absolutely not the intent.  I continue to hold my membership in WELS because of the high value I place on … Continue reading

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Thrivent Issue Settled – For Now!

Thrivent will no longer permit “Choice Dollar” gifts or match employee gifts to go to pro-abortion groups.  If we wish to see the glass half full, this news is terrific! Thrivent faced a deluge of criticism when it was discovered … Continue reading

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