Komen Cancer Charity Halts Grants To Planned Parenthood

Cancer Charity Halts Grants To Planned Parenthood | Fox News.

It probably comes as a surprise to many people that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure folks have been using donations to support work at Planned Parenthood.

The official position is that Komen was supporting breast cancer screenings conducted by Planned Parenthood centers.  A fine thing except – it is done at Planned Parenthood centers – the nation’s largest single abortion provider.

I cannot imagine a pro-life advocate who objects to cancer screening that might lead to the preservation of life.  Komen’s problem is that of the countless breast cancer screenings that occur throughout the United States that could be helped with Komen support, why pick Planned Parenthood and turn a blind eye to the millions of children Planned Parenthood centers have aborted.

Komen claims it is waiting to see the results of the congressional inquiry into Planned Parenthood.  The above Fox story suggests the congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood might be the malicious work of pro-life groups.  I think it begs the question of why the Komen for the Cure group was funding Planned Parenthood in the first place.

If news sources can be trusted then Komen’s position on this is entirely dictated by the results of the congressional inquiry.  You know what that means?  The people at Komen don’t get it!  There is a lot of noble cancer research being done without the waters being muddied with an agency like Planned Parenthood.

Maybe it is time for me to use my pink ribbon to distinguish my luggage in the airport baggage claim area and find another worthy recipient for my cancer research donations.

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