Iceland and Down Syndrome

What do you do if you can’t find a solution? If you are Iceland, you terminate it.

On August 14, 2017 CBS news did a sobering “On Assignment” segment about Iceland’s solution to Down syndrome. This was not a story about advanced gene therapy or the discovery of some other cure. This story was about a country that leverages abortion as the therapeutic solution to giving birth to a child with Down syndrome.

I was deeply saddened to see how Iceland addressed this matter and frightened as well.  In many ways Iceland is what we will become. Without God, without faith, without Scripture and without an objective standard of right and wrong Iceland is our future and we all should be very concerned.

I was impressed with the way CBS handled the story. It was uncharacteristically objective.

You can read my expanded comments with pertinent links by clicking here.

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A Closer Look

I weary of the harsh rhetoric about climate change and the environment. I have long felt that both sides of the issue make their case using healthy doses of exaggeration and hyperbole to incite fear and attract attention.

That being said I must admit my concerns about environmental impacts on humans have grown in the last couple of years. For a while now I have wondered where the new crop of child allergies have come from. More recently I have been reading scholarly papers raising concerns over increased rates of infertility and the possible negative effects the environment may be having on the ability for human reproduction.

Click here to read about the shocking drop (over 50%) in human sperm count since 1973. I think the matter is worth a closer look.

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Who Should Take Life?

Daily I receive a report about efforts to legalize assisted suicide in the United States and around the world. As I think about how the American Medical Association will be taking up the issue soon it seemed ironic that the healing profession might contemplate favoring also being the killing profession.

In this Thursday’s installment I raise the question of who should do the killing as assisted suicide becomes more accepted. You can read it here.

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Working with Human DNA

In the last week of July researchers announced that in the United States they had achieved success with “editing” human DNA by using CRISPR technology on a human embryo. For some of you this is “way out there” science. In my article on this topic I attempt to explain it as simply as I can while also providing you links to other explanations.

Such DNA manipulation on human embryos raises many serious ethical concerns which some in the CRISPR field seem unwillingly to consider. I raise those issues and invite you to read my article on this topic by clicking here.

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Dark Passing Cloud

Charlie Gard has died but the story of this helpless infant will not be forgotten. I added some additional thoughts with a link to an excellent overview of why all of us should be alarmed at this case. You can read it by clicking here.

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Charlie Gard has Died

After months of valiant attempts by the parents to protect the life of their child he died just a week before his first birthday. Read the article here.

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Artificial Intelligence and Suicide

I love technology but I am also concerned about just how far we are going with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Nevertheless, AI is looking like it could help predict those who might be suicidal. Check out my brief article here.

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Looking Down the Road

I am struck by how little thought people give to the consequences of their actions. I wrote a brief story on new evidence that suggests drinking alcohol while pregnant not only could have consequences on the unborn child but even on grandchildren. You can check out what I wrote on the Christian Life Resources website by clicking here.

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Bullying and the Christian Witness

Bullying never has been or will it ever be acceptable conduct for a Christian. In this brief article published on the Christian Life Resources website I talk about how a Christian must reject bullying if he or she hopes to share the message of Christ. You can check it out here.

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My Perspective on Charlie Gard

I have written a small piece on the case of Charlie Gard, the British infant at the center of a treatment and parental rights controversy in Great Britain. The article is on the Christian Life Resources website. You can find it at:

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