In 1981 the story of the Apostles Peter and Paul were displayed in a television mini-series entitled “Peter and Paul” starring Anthony Hopkins and Robert Foxworth.  In one scene Peter and Paul were just chased out of another town, threatened with stoning.  As the Apostle Paul trudges along with determination the Apostle Peter walks behind him and says, “Please, don’t ‘let’s go to Lystra.'”  His plea falls on deaf ears to which Peter then says, “Let’s pray tonight that the stones are softer in Lystra.”

I chose “Softer Stones” as the name of this site because I am hoping for a productive discourse on the challenges we face in life.  I want the dialog to be respectful and productive.  I pray that the “stones are softer” in our discourse.

My specialty centers on the area of life and family issues from a Christian perspective.  I will comment on developments, warn against dangers, praise progress and most importantly, attempt to lend some Scripturally-based insight on current events.

My theology is rooted in Scripture, the inspired Word of God.  My views, therefore, reflect what some might call the “conservative” perspective.  I consider the nomenclature to be a tad simplistic.  I unashamedly cling to some old fashioned values but I also am intrigued and excited over advancements and opportunities in society.  I do not run from technology and I am not afraid of reasoned dialog.  I accept the fact that there are various ways to look at many issues.

To that end I will stubbornly defend what I deem a position solidly rooted in Scripture.  I will argue for my point of view but I will keep an open ear so long as the discourse is civil.

I tolerate no profanity, swearing or name-calling.  If there is error, identify the error.  Most importantly, be a true contributor to this dialog and offer suggested improvements.  Critics are a dime-a-dozen.  I most appreciate insightful solutions.

Finally, this is my site.  It is my personal site.  It is not paid for or maintained by my employer, Christian Life Resources (CLR).  My views on some things may represent views to which CLR has no opinion.  I would hope that views on life and family topics do reflect those as espoused by CLR.  If not, we have work to do.  At any rate, CLR is absolved of having to defend any statements I make on this site.  They are mine.

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