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A Strike Against Cancer

With a cancer diagnosis the typical treatment options are surgical removal, laser/radiation, or chemotherapy. This Wednesday (8/30/17) the FDA added a fourth weapon to the arsenal – somatic gene therapy. The therapy was developed to target acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) … Continue reading

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Shortcuts Can Be Dangerous

In these busy times we often act not just in prudence but in desperation. In a mad rush to get things done we cut corners and take shortcuts. Shortcuts can be dangerous. I am a big fan of research that … Continue reading

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Pregnancy the Old Fashion Way – With a Machine

In 1969 it was a one-hit-wonder called: “In the Year 2525.” In its dystopian view of the future artificial technology will replace the usefulness of humans. As relates to procreation one verse goes: In the year 6565 You won’t need … Continue reading

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What Factors Lead to Death?

We often think biologically about such questions. Sometimes it is a breakdown within the human body; a heart that has given out or cancer that has overcome. Sometimes it is an external event that happens to the body which brings … Continue reading

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Iceland and Down Syndrome

What do you do if you can’t find a solution? If you are Iceland, you terminate it. On August 14, 2017 CBS news did a sobering “On Assignment” segment about Iceland’s solution to Down syndrome. This was not a story … Continue reading

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A Closer Look

I weary of the harsh rhetoric about climate change and the environment. I have long felt that both sides of the issue make their case using healthy doses of exaggeration and hyperbole to incite fear and attract attention. That being … Continue reading

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Who Should Take Life?

Daily I receive a report about efforts to legalize assisted suicide in the United States and around the world. As I think about how the American Medical Association will be taking up the issue soon it seemed ironic that the … Continue reading

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Working with Human DNA

In the last week of July researchers announced that in the United States they had achieved success with “editing” human DNA by using CRISPR technology on a human embryo. For some of you this is “way out there” science. In … Continue reading

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Dark Passing Cloud

Charlie Gard has died but the story of this helpless infant will not be forgotten. I added some additional thoughts with a link to an excellent overview of why all of us should be alarmed at this case. You can … Continue reading

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