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Shortcuts Can Be Dangerous

In these busy times we often act not just in prudence but in desperation. In a mad rush to get things done we cut corners and take shortcuts. Shortcuts can be dangerous. I am a big fan of research that … Continue reading

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Pregnancy the Old Fashion Way – With a Machine

In 1969 it was a one-hit-wonder called: “In the Year 2525.” In its dystopian view of the future artificial technology will replace the usefulness of humans. As relates to procreation one verse goes: In the year 6565 You won’t need … Continue reading

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Working with Human DNA

In the last week of July researchers announced that in the United States they had achieved success with “editing” human DNA by using CRISPR technology on a human embryo. For some of you this is “way out there” science. In … Continue reading

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Charlie Gard has Died

After months of valiant attempts by the parents to protect the life of their child he died just a week before his first birthday. Read the article here.

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My Perspective on Charlie Gard

I have written a small piece on the case of Charlie Gard, the British infant at the center of a treatment and parental rights controversy in Great Britain. The article is on the Christian Life Resources website. You can find … Continue reading

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Wesley Smith looks at Bioethics in 2017

As an instructor in bioethics, I often wait with frustration for policymakers and wannabes to say something significant about bioethical issues.  I did not hear any substantive reference to bioethics in the presidential campaigning of 2016.  While I likely should … Continue reading

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