Pro-Life Tactics Stumble

I was surprised to read that Planned Parenthood (PP) performed more abortions rather than fewer abortions according to their recent report. How can this be? You had to be living under a rock not to realize that PP has been the object of a video exposé on selling aborted tissue to researchers since 2015. How does such a revelation increase the number of abortions?

In my latest blog entry, I tackle the issue of how even the most compelling tactics to protect life fail.

The gruesome dialog in these video revelations seems compelling enough to drive any “logical” person to a pro-life position. But, alas, it stumbles.

Admittedly, the tactic will work for some. Presenting the humanity of life developing in the womb can be an astounding experience when one views it for the first time. Most of us who have grown up understanding that there is life in the womb, never fully grasp what that means. Then we witness a childbirth or see the images of life in the womb. Wow! It is breathtaking.

Not everyone, however, has had that upbringing. For some, a baby-in-the-womb is still not the same as baby-in-the-arms. Today advocates for abortion admit that in the womb there is life. They acknowledge that in abortion a life dies. Nevertheless, they will argue for a woman’s right to end that life.

In my blog entry entitled, “Faith and Planned Parenthood,” I argue that faith is a distinguishing characteristic of those who are moved by talk of “life” in the womb. Granted, some Christians get abortions and in doing so violate the tenets of Scripture and their faith. What’s new? We all give in to moments of weakness or passion and do things contrary to God’s will.

Remaining steadfast in the faith, however, compels a Christian to acknowledge life in the womb and to care for that life as a blessing from God. You can check out the blog here.

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Born in Pleasanton, CA on October 5, 1956 and raised primarily in Lake Geneva, WI. I am the oldest of four sons to my parents, Bob and Helen Fleischmann who presently live next door to me in rural Wisconsin. I am an ordained Lutheran minister and I serve as the national director of Christian Life Resources.
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