BioEdge: Down syndrome therapy now possible, says US researcher

BioEdge: Down syndrome therapy now possible, says US researcher.

This is, of course, exciting news.  Any discovery that leads to improved health and quality of life is worth some excitement but I must confess to having mixed emotions.

Jesus held up the faith of a child as the example of the right kind of faith (Mark 10:14-15).  Time and time again my experience with those diagnosed with Down Syndrome has been positive.  Even as adults they display a child-like faith – accepting God at His word.  They boldly talk about Jesus without a hint of inhibition.

In contrast we so-called “normal people” are often guided by our doubts and insecurities.  We worry about offending, about sounding extreme, about saying the wrong thing, etc.  In the end, we often say nothing.

When Sarah Palin was governor of Alaska and before she became the VP nominee, a foolish interviewer asked her how she expects her “normal” children to take to her unborn child recently diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  In classic Palin fashion she replied something on the order of, “who is to say he (the unborn child) is not the ‘normal’ one?”

A diagnosis with Down Syndrome carries with it some health issues that often cut life short.  A therapy to remedy that would be great.  A therapy to enable more intellectual skills might also be nice.  If only it could all be done with out tampering with the child-like faith that saves!


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