Some Great Stem Cell Research

Like most things controversial, embryonic stem cell research hogs all the publicity.  Society’s insatiable love for dominance over the weakest and most defenseless (to get embryonic stem cells human life in the embryo stage of maturity must be destroyed) keeps the spotlight on embryonic stem cell efforts, leaving other more productive efforts in the shadows.

The reality is that embryonic stem cell research continues to be a lot of talk about potential which continues to demonstrate no results.  In contrast, adult stem cell research has and continues to produce astounding results.

Another form of stem cell research this is ethical and making an impact is using umbilical cord blood.  Banking cord blood is on the rise and is producing some successes.  Check out:

There not only are alternatives to embryonic stem cell research but those alternatives are working.  A claim yet to be made by scientists who are destroying human embryos to do their work.

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