Planned Parenthood Worried It’s The Target Of New Undercover Sting

Planned Parenthood Worried It’s The Target Of New Undercover Sting.

Take a moment to read this article.  I think PP is perhaps right – with all of the disgraceful things already uncovered because of previous stealth visits to PP clinics, its leadership is wise to counsel its staff to be on their toes.

But, note that in this climate of diversionary tactics, PP is acting like only pro-life people conduct these stealth operations.  Any worker from one of our affiliate centers will tell you that nearly all of them have been the object of deception and deceit.

As far back as 25 years ago someone came into one of our Christian Life Resource centers with a camera hidden in a bag and taped the entire counseling session which was then broadcast over a PBS affiliate.  The counselor being tricked did an outstanding job.  So long as the truth is spoken neither side in this debate should fear anything.

Beware!  There clearly is a spirit of “if they can do it we can do it” out there.  Remember that our efforts will always be identified by the lowest pro-life denominator.  If others lie and deceive for our cause to protect life it reflects poorly on all of us.

It is imperative that we conduct all of our efforts in a manner that reflects love, honesty, patience and integrity.  That is how God deals with us and so also it is how we should deal with others.

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