How to Create a Mindset

Dr Philip Nitschke, a pioneer advocate of assisted suicide from Australia, has provided a demonstration video on how to deliver a lethal injection for assisted suicide. That is disturbing enough. This effort goes one step further in being part of an academic video series targeted to teens ages 14-18.

You can read the story by clicking here.

When Derek Humphry was asked about the strategy of going through state legislatures to legalize assisted suicide he indicated he had little expectation of success the first, second or third proposal.  Rather, the plan was to generate talk and curiosity so that the terminology and the prospect of “death with dignity” would become familiar and eventually accepted.

I would suppose demonstration videos on self-murder with assistance to 14 year old students would be a step in that direction!

There is no greater abuse of the dying and disabled than to create a mindset that ending life is the best we can do for you and the best you can do for us.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that assisted suicide is elder abuse at its worst.  To indoctrinate our youth is a hideous, albeit proven tactic to this end.

We saw the same tactic in the early 20th century eugenics movement in the United States and its grotesque manifestation during the Nazi reign in Germany in the middle of the century.  Such efforts were accomplished by creating a societal conversation on purifying the race and eliminating useless eaters.  The rhetoric may be sanitized, the techniques modernized but the results are the same.

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