Complexities of ART

ART stands for Artificial Reproductive Technology. It is a broad term to describe sperm banks, surrogate parenting and a wide spectrum of in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques.

A recent case in California (where else?!?!) raises the question of parental rights for sperm donors. What makes the story a bit more intriguing is that it involves a Hollywood actor, Jason Patric, who happens to be the son of Jason Miller, the actor who became famous as the young priest in “The Exorcist” and whose last film happened to be “Finding Home” – the project for which I served as Executive Producer. The story is addressed in the following locations:

First Things

L.A. Times

Doing a search via Google will reveal a variety of commentaries already on the matter.  While I intend my blogs to be much shorter this begs the question about whether everything that is possible is beneficial.


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